Introducing Foundational Companies - My New Business!

Introducing Foundational Companies - My New Business!

I can finally start talking about what I been up to for most of this year. Its taken a lot of time (10+ grueling months) and effort but I am happy that everything is starting to take shape.

I want to formally introduce my business: Foundational Companies.

Judging by the name you may think that I am being pretentious or trying to be too big, too serious. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth, every single aspect of Foundational, from the name, the slogan to the simple one-page Carrd website is very intentional.

Intention and vision is everything!

I structured the business this way because I found this best suited my approach to building products/businesses. An underlying reason is that I want to bootstrap everything I start, so profits from one business can easily go towards the next!

Strong Foundations, Exciting Futures

When I say "building a strong foundation", it goes beyond just business. The lessons I will learn, the first wins, the embarrassing failures, the skills I will develop in the process are all part of building this foundation. The people I will meet and the professional relationships I will form are a part of this "strong foundation".

Don't get me wrong, I want to work on big, exciting things, and I will, but I have to pay my dues first, I must get down in the trenches.

Boring Business Principles

A central theme of everything I start under Foundational is to stick to boring business fundamentals. The goal is to stay lean and profitable with strong, positive cash-flow. My main focus is to build B2B products at the start.

The cracks are already starting to show in the current VC-backed system so I guess I am launching at a good time.

I will be posting updates and writing about individual products/companies so be on look out for that!

Multi-hyphenate and Not-sticking-to-one-thing approach

As you may have seen on my about page, I do NOT like sticking to one thing or confining myself to just one topic or in this case, one industry.

Structuring the business this way gives me many options to explore and pursue different areas.


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