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More About Me.

I am 23 years old.

I am learning.

I really do not like the idea of sticking to a "niche". I find it very unnatural, as there is no way you can confine your entire existence to one topic. You could call me anti-niche. As always, allow for caveats and nuances.

I am fascinated with the idea of a Polymath. This also moulds to my desire to learn across disciplines.

Things that I am really interested in: Economics (mainly macro, poverty, development), finance (global macro strategy, energy), Urban planning & city design, Religion (mainly Islam), Computer science (infra + AI/ML, web), Education systems & policy, Politics & foreign relations, Engineering (EE & Aero), history, psychology (Behavioural science), Neuroscience (memory, neuroplasticity), Hydrogen (future fuel), Writing. Probably more but I should stop here.

What is this Website about?
At its most basic level, this website is a place to creatively express myself. As you can probably imagine seeing the list above, I consume a lot information using different mediums/formats. This means I think a lot. That means I overthink, a lot.

The problem has gotten to a point where I find it really hard to sleep and I think I suffer from some sort of anxiety, so by putting some of what goes inside my brain on this blog, I am hoping I can rectify the issue.

This blog is also a vehicle to share my ideas, insights, and lessons. This is a place for me to teach what I know. I hope to add as much value as possible with everything I share. I want to leave you with something practical and tangible every time you read something I have written!

This blog is also a central place for the outside world to connect with me and know what is going on in my life.

Why call this website "World"?
I refer to this Personal website/blog as my "world" because it encompasses pretty much all aspects/areas of my life, at least that's the goal. As time goes on and I progress in life (whatever that entails) I will add more things. This website is a *work in progress* for now.