The Role of Domain Extensions in Branding.

The Role of Domain Extensions in Branding.

My interest in domains and domain extensions stems from my obsession with personal websites.

The fact you can own a little corner of the internet all to yourself is pretty cool.


I have noticed certain domain extensions play a subtle but significant role in branding and specifically 'Brand Identity'.


.com: The Official


The .com is your go-to domain extension. It is well-known and trusted around the world. This is best used for all websites but especially for projects that are official.


.xyz: Nonchalant Vibe


The .xyz domain extension was released in 2014 and has since gained a lot of popularity.


I find that websites with this domain give off a very shoulder-shrugging, nonchalant vibe. It’s good for personal projects or if you just don’t care.


The story behind how this domain came into being is pretty interesting so here is a piece from TechCrunch that you may enjoy.


The founder of the .xyz domain is really active in the crypto/web3 space which is why you may notice every NFT, crypto, and web3 project using .xyz.


.co: The Artsy Alternative.


The .co extension is a very good option for creative and artsy websites. Think hand-made products or crafts.


This extension is also your best bet if .com is not available.


.io: Indie-hacker Classic.


Here is a cool fact for you; the .io is the official extension assigned to the "Indian Ocean Territory" and Levi Strauss & Co was one of the first companies to use it. You can read more about it here.


Over the years though, this extension has garnered a lot of love from the Indie Hackers community.


If you want some further reading on domain extensions, I found a detailed study by GrowthBadger.


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