On Confidence.

On Confidence.

Default to Purpose.

You need to make sure you have a purpose in life, a solid 'why' which will give you intrinsic confidence in everything you do. This will be your foundation to build on.

Your purpose in life is very important. It should define every action you take and every opportunity you choose to decline. Purpose gives life a strong direction, a sense of structure.

Now, this is something very personal, but my tip here is to make this something all-encompassing, something that goes beyond your death.

Emotional State VS. Character Trait.

Confidence is a character trait, not an emotional state. If your confidence is fleeting or is dependent on something external, then your confidence is weak.

Emotions are fleeting; they change with situations/moods/external forces. Character does not falter nor does character fluctuate. Character is built in.

Now, sure you may find yourself in scary situations, everyone will, but character will define how you choose to act in those tough, scary situations.

Fear is also an emotional state, simply put, an emotion we all may go through.

Cowardice is what one should avoid.

This is particularly why I stressed upon 'purpose' earlier. If you are not truly comfortable within yourself, if you seek the constant approval of others or falter at the slightest sign of criticism.

You have a problem.

You are not intrinsically confident.

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